Make your hair shiny, get rid of the smell of garlic or clean a dirty grill : here are surprising uses for coffee grounds :

We are quick to throw them away after brewing a cup, but not many people know that used coffee grounds have myriad uses.

They can provide an inexpensive way to complete a range of household tasks, from unclogging a blocked kitchen sink to getting rid of the smell of garlic from your hands…

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Used coffee grounds are even useful when it comes to beauty routines, proving to be an effective exfoliant for cleansing your face or your body.

Don’t throw away your used coffee grounds the next time you brew a pot because there are a lot of surprising things you can do with coffee grounds !


1. Remove hard-to-clean dirt on tiles and kitchen counters

Mix your grounds with soapy water and scrub on the surface of the stain with a dishcloth


2. Clean a dirty grill

The thinking behind this is the same as the above. The grainy texture of the grounds will remove the build-up of grease.

3. Exterminate fleas from your pet

When bathing your dog (or cat), after shampooing and before rinsing, rub some of the grounds into their fur.

4. evierUnblock the sink

If your drains are clogged, pour the grounds into the sink followed by liquid soap and a kettle of boiling water.

5. Erase scratches off your furniture

Mix up the grounds with vinegar and warm water and rub the paste gently on to the scratched surface. Use a cotton bud for thin and faint scratches.

6. Scour your pans

Only do this on pans that don’t stain easily. The abrasive nature of the grounds will scrape away caked-on dirt.

7. Bake delicious and flavourful brownies

Instead of using milk when you make your brownies, just add some freshly ground coffee for a rich, caffeine jolt.

8. As a meat tenderiser and seasoning

This works in two ways. Coffee grounds work as a tenderiser because, as they caramelise, they form a crust that locks in all the moisture of the meat. This not only adds a savoury-sweet flavour to your BBQ (pork works best with this) but once your meat is cooked, it will be fork-tender.

     9.ail After chopping alliums

   Simply rub used coffee grounds on your hands once you’re done with the chopping. The grounds    will neutralise strong odours.



the-anti-cerne-110. Reduce under-eye puffiness

It’s not just teabags that can do this – coffee too has been known to remove puffiness from under your eyes. Simply mix up the coffee grounds with some water and make into a paste. Smear it on the affected area and leave to rest for 15 minutes.

11. Get rid of cellulite

Massage a mixture of grounds and coconut into the troubled spots, leave for a few minutes then rinse off. Keep doing this every day for two weeks and you will soon notice the difference.

No need to buy this !

No need to buy this !

12. Wash your face

For an inexpensive exfoliant, simply mix a spoonful of grounds, with a few drops of olive oil and a couple more drops of an essential oil of your liking.

cheveux13. Wash your hair

The grittiness of the grounds will strip your hair of product build-up from your hair and leave it squeaky clean. Brunettes will benefit most from this as coffee also darkens your hair colour.


With coffee grounds on the left !

With coffee grounds on the left !

14. Composting

Rich in nitrogen, coffee grounds are great for composting and a firm favourite of worms. If you have a compost pile, use one part freshly mown grass clippings to one part leaves to one part grounds. Don’t just use freshly brewed grounds for this – they need some time to break down in the compost for this to work.

15. Banish slugs and snails

Instead of salting your outdoor surfaces to keep away the slugs, just sprinkle the used grounds on your patio and around the flower beds and you will never have to deal with slugs again as they don’t like the acidity of coffee. Reduce the pH levels of your soil.

16. Grow a healthy crop of carrots

Mix used up grounds with carrot seeds and they will be easier to sow.

hortensia-bleu 17. Change the colour of your flowers

 This works especially well for hydrangeas as their colour can be manipulated simply by altering  the pH levels of the soil. The coffee grounds reduces the pH level and will give you bright blue  blooms.


18. Paint 

Coffee grounds mixed with water (used different amounts of grounds with varying levels of water) are an easy way to paint sepia-toned pictures

19. Make your own candles with coffee or coffee waste

Coffee fans who can’t go without a sniff of their favourite bean can turn used grounds into candles !

20. Make new wood look old

A tablespoon of coffee grounds, white vinegar, one steel wool pad and an old jam jar are all you need. Simply place the steel wool and grounds in the jar and fill it to the top with the vinegar. Let the mixture stew for a day. The vinegar will slowly start to dissolve the steel wool, which will give your wood a silvery patina. Once the 24 ours are up, all you need to do is remove the steel wool (remember to wear gloves) and start painting over your piece of wood. Let the first coat dry, brush off the coffee grounds and apply a second coat.

21. And I kept the best for the end ! It sounds like a scoop ! Incredible but yes, coffee grounds to make clothes ! You can read on Taiwan Today : Taiwan firms find new use of coffee grounds –


Timberland ad : Drink it, wear it !

You will not believe your eyes, but after pullovers made with plastic bottles, here are now dresses made with coffee grounds ! We never stop progress ! Good for envrironment, wealth and health ! We could think it’s pure fantasy, but look ! more than 100 international brands already buy yarn made with recycled coffee waste ! and make their clothes that way. Some far from least names ? Nike, Puma, The North Face, and Timberland with this advertisement :  » Drink it, wear it » !

  Main qualities :


Dresses made with coffee grounds. Robes faites avec du marc de café.

Dry touch, as the moisture enters from the skin surface into the fabric. Material made with coffee grounds transfers the moisture quickly to the surface of the fabric. The main benefit is that the skin remains dry at the same time as the condensation rate is reduced.

Odor control, the particule of coffee grounds absorbs odor molecules, so the fabric doesn’t have a bad smell.

Eco-friendly, of course ! When we know that a town like Sydney, for instance, counts 921 cafes and coffee shop within the city. And an average cafe is producing 60 kg of spent coffee grounds a week. Only for this town, nearly 3 000 tonnes of spent coffee grounds are produced each year.That’s why Planet Ark

has a program called Merry-Go-Ground ! We can imagine how many dresses we could make only with one town’s coffee grounds !

Des robes, belles à croquer ! Really chewable dresses !